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Green Areas WG


O The Green Areas WG was created in view of the responsibility of the University for the protection of its ecological heritage. In addition, the USP is committed to institutional leadership and proactivity, as well as to enforcement. The preservation of green areas promotes conservation of water resources and biodiversity, improves air quality and climate control, among many other benefits.

The WG works in order to monitor the Green Areas and Ecological Reserves to promote change in the form of human interaction with the vegetation cover of the University. For this, it is necessary to not only identify and separate the two, but also to establish environmental sustainability goals. In addition to the conservation of existing areas, WG seeks to encourage recovery, restoration and renaturation.

Some of the means to achieve these objectives are:

  • social and environmental formation of USP community;
  • urban plans;
  • afforestation plans;
  • inventories and maps, including indicators;
  • computerized corporate system;

The governing principles of this policy are inclusion and community participation in management, shared responsibilities, access to information, cooperation, encouraging new forms of management of green areas, the appreciation of the environmental heritage of the University and sustainable landscaping.